An apple a day

An apple a day ....


Denim : You love it or to hate it. I love to work with denim and turn it to  funky tote bags . The result is absolutely unique and amazing . Each bag adhere my  practice to create an elegant and stylish product.

The durability of the denim  lends a funky look to each item, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind style.

All pieces are exclusively 100% handmade by me in my home studio in Athens without any assistants.

The bag is lined with fabric and interfacing was used to give the bag some structure and stability, making it very sturdy. Each tote bag is also tagged with “Apopsis “ logo .

The handle strap is wide enough in order to be elegant but at the same time stable on your shoulder under all circumstances and not hurting your shoulder when you carry heavy staff

Measurements: 49 cm wide
43 cm tall
50 cm handle strap (long) and h=22 cm
11 cm depth
 1 large pockets

It comes to you on a gift package .

Notice: Any imperfection in the stitching and a small differ to measurements is proof that it is unique and handmade


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