"A P O P S I S"   shopping bags, pouches and all other creations are handmade, artistic, colorful, unique and timeless pieces  made by high quality  jute, fabrics, denim, felt & beads infused with passion. All creations are unique, created and manufactured by hand by me, one at a time and all collections are of a limited edition.


     Quality styles

 In fashion, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. "Apopsis" bags are bohemian, chic, surprisingly fun, colorful and unique that bring a hint of summer all year round and make your day bright and sunny!


      Innovative Designs

My goal is to put the "fun & art" in functional fashion. I know that feeling beautiful can make your whole day better; that’s why I am committed to artistic, colorful, unique and timeless pieces which also convey at first glance a sense of being comfortable, elegant and outstanding.

I surely love to express my inspiration of the moment on art work. Every piece is often a reflection of my feelings. While often patterns may be effortless and versatile, they definitely do tell a story.


In a world dominated by mass produced items,
we are expressing " My Apopsis”; the point of view in Greek