About me

My name is Sophia and I am a self taught crafter.

My passion for crafting has started many years ago as a way of diffusing my creativity and energy  but its only the last  years that I realized the need to focus on creative ventures. I spend most of my spare time experimenting by making things by hand, sewing, embroidering, beading, painting, decoupage, collage, rag rugs, jewellery making  and whatever inspires me.

I am fascinated   turning used and new fabrics or raw materials to artistic creations. Finding the potential of each material and turning it in a unique piece of art is my driving force and inspiration. In other words I am expressing “my apopsis”; my point of view in my native language, Greek. Until some time ago, I kept everything I was making for myself  and as gifts of heart for my friends. After countless suggestions to sell my bags, I finally  decided to share them with you all.

Each bag is individually  handmade from scratch by me using high quality jute, fabrics, recycled and new  denim, felt and beads, eco friendly fabrics, velvet, cofee sacs, rug rags and more infusing it with my passion. The patterns are embroidered and appliquéd only by hand.

All are unique and one of a kind. No one will ever have the same bag as you.

Each bag is cut and sewn one at a time, never mass produced, exclusively my me in my own studio. Fabrics are always in limited quantities  in order to be renewed and keep things fresh and new.  I closely follow the trends, styles, colors but more importantly my instinct and inspiration.